Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brilliant. Just great.

Everything is going just FABULOUS for me. How about you?

-end sarcasm-

It was my birthday a while ago. I mean, nearly a month ago. I tried to arrange something, and hardly anyone could come, so I scrapped that idea to try and do something else. It was supposed to be this weekend, but guess what?


It's just so unfair! People come to my other friends' birthday party things, but when it comes to mine? Nope. Everyone's busy.

I mean, only TWO PEOPLE out of my SEVEN FRIENDS could come. If you wanted to count me, that's three people out of a possible seven. And where's the point in that?

Oh, it's not as if they brushed me off or anything, they were very nice and apologetic about it, but still.


Why does pretty much everything I try to plan fall to pieces? I can't hold a simple shopping trip without the absence of one or two of my friends. I just wish that we could've got together to have a late celebration of my 13th birthday, but clearly, CLEARLY I can't hold a SIMPLE GET-TOGETHER without some problem getting in the way of our plans.

How often do you turn 13?


And how many times do you get to celebrate it with your friends with no interruptions?

Clearly, for me, no times.

Because nothing works out for me.

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