Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Geez, some people need to get a grip.

*cough* Natasha *cough*

You have had a hard life. I accept that.


It does NOT mean that it gives you the right to insult us, belittle us, OR go in huffs with us about stupid things that NOBODY ELSE would care about.

Like the fact that we didn't say hi to you in registration.

Oh, we made you feel invisible? We weren't talking to anyone else either! Didn't you notice the silence because we were so tired we couldn't be bothered speaking?

And yet, Natasha, you go in a huff because we didn't say hi to you.


Poor baby. Are you feeling attention-deprived? Poor soul, she's smothered with love at home and she just doesn't get that love at school...


Seriously, though. It's funny how when you're off school there are no fights. I'm sick of you and your crappy attitude. I'm done. There'll be no more smiles for you, I'll reserve them for the people that deserve them.

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